The hamlet has a defibrillator and it is located at 906 Brightsand Place in his heated shed located southwest of the house. If any property owner has the AED certfication, please contact us and we will add you to our list. The following property owners have been trained in the operation of the defibrillator.

Legal Land Location

Property owners should know their legal land location and post it visibly in their property for any emergency. We recently had an incident where an ambulance was called and their GPS took them to the regional park.

North of Message Board

SE 35-53-20-W3

  • Pine Place
    • Everett Normandeau
    • Trisha Normandeau
  • Aspen Crescent
    • Dot Andrews (306)845-3911
    • Brad Thomas (306)845-4145
    • Karla Thomas (306)845-4145
  • Poplar Crescent
  • Spruce Crescent
    • Ryan Hinz (306)700-4848

South of Message Board

NE 26-53-20-W3

  • Michael Place
    • Doug Erick (306)845-3179
    • Alissa Erick (306)845-3179
  • Sand Place
    • John Litchfield (306)845-3840
  • Brightsand Place
    • Sharon Mockford (306)845-2004
    • Howard Jamieson
  • Brightsand Crescent
    • Christina Hennes (306)845-3996
    • Rebecca Hennes (306)845-3996
  • Farm
    • Bob Elliot (306)845-3785
    • Bob Perkins (306)845-2204
    • Helen Perkins (306)845-2204