Emergency 911


In case of emergency, dial 911.  You will need to provide them with the following information and meet them at the muster point and then guide them to the emergency.

Our Address:  Evergreen Brightsand, SK.

Our Location:  STARS site:  5768 

or  LSD: 1-35-53-20-W3M

or GPS: N W

Muster Point:  Evergreen Beach sign by main entry gate


The hamlet has two defibrillators. One located at 906 Brightsand Place in a heated shed located southwest of the house.  The second located at 203 Poplar Crescent just inside the man door on a shelf to the right. 

If any property owner has the AED certfication, please contact us and we will add you to our list. The following property owners have been trained/re-certified in the operation of the defibrillator.

Legal Land Location

Property owners should know their legal land location and post it visibly in their property for any emergency. We recently had an incident where an ambulance was called and their GPS took them to the regional park.

North of Message Board

SE 35-53-20-W3

South of Message Board

NE 26-53-20-W3

Non-Emergency Contacts

Community Safety Officer: Stg. Larry Baker - 306-845-3512

Fire:  St. Walburg Fire Hall - 306-248-3336

             Resort Village of Kivimaa-Moonlight Bay – Fire Chief 306-845-8034

Police: RCMP St. Walburg Detachment – 306-248-6450

Ambulance:  Marshall’s Ambulance Service Ltd. St. Walburg - 306-248-3221

Conservation Officer Service:  Loon Lake office – 306-837-2415

Hospital:  Riverside Health Complex, Turtleford - 306-845-2195

RM Office:  RM of Mervin, Turtleford - 306-845-2045 

WhatsApp - Emergency Notification System

We have an Evergreen Emergency Notification system in place.  It uses WhatsApp and has been setup by Ray Finlay.  It is for emergency use only.  In 2022 we had a number of bear sightings that the community was informed about.

If you would like to register for these notifications, contact Ray via email (rayzilla19@gmail.com) or phone (403-852-0931).  He will need your cell phone number and email to add you.  He will give you the instructions for how to get you on the notification system.