1.   How is the hamlet governed / what is an organized hamlet?

An organized hamlet is a type of community under the provincial municipalities act which allows some autonomy from the municipality it is located in. Evergreen beach is an organized hamlet in the Rural Municipality of Mervin. The hamlet is still governed by all the laws and bylaws set by the province and the RM, and taxes are still collected by the RM. The hamlet has a 3-person board that is a liaison to the RM. The board can not enact bylaws and has no legislative authority.

The RM allocates a certain percentage of the annual taxes collected from hamlet property owners, which the hamlet board uses to provide services for the hamlet such as road maintenance, fire protection, snow removal, etc. It authorizes the RM to pay invoices for expenses approved by the board.

2.   Does the hamlet have a dog bylaw?

The RM of Mervin has a dog bylaw that is enforced in the hamlet.  All dogs must be in full control of their owners at all times.  A copy of the bylaw can be found on the RM website.

3.   Who declares a fire ban?

The decision to post a fire ban is made by the RM of Mervin and will be posted on their website and Facebook page.  When the hamlet is notified, we will post a sign at the entrance, as well as put notices on our website and Facebook page.

4.   Are ATVs and golfcarts allowed on hamlet roads?

There is no bylaw prohibiting the use of ATVs or golfcarts.  There are however provincial laws that govern their use which may be enforced by police. There is a 20Km/hr speed limit that applies to all vehicles including ATVs and golfcarts.  Joyriding on roads, public reserve and ditches is not allowed. 

Public Reserve

1.   Can I put a boatlift/dock in the lake?

The shoreline along the lake is public reserve land and is not owned by any property owners.  You can however put in a dock or boat lift if it is not a permanent structure.  The hamlet does not regulate where docks and lifts can be placed but expects each property owner to cooperate and coordinate with their neighbours. The hamlet also encourages the use of shared docks to reduce shoreline congestion.

2.   Can I launch a boat in the hamlet?

There is no boat launch in the Hamlet and launching a boat on the shoreline is not allowed.  The Regional Park at the North end of the lake has a boat launch.

3.   Can I remove trees on public reserve?

You must obtain written approval from the RM of Mervin prior to removing any trees that are not on your own property. 

4.   Can I make alterations to the shoreline?

No alterations can be made to the shoreline, including adding or removing soil or sand, removing trees, grass, reeds, weeds, etc. or any other type of alteration without an Aquatic Habitat Protection Permit from the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency.  

Septic Tank Pump Out Tickets

1.   What are pump out tickets and where do I get them?

One of the services funded through the taxes the RM allocates to the hamlet is assistance to property owners in disposing of their septic waste.  The hamlet currently provides 1 ticket per $300 of taxes that a property owner pays.  This ratio is set each year at the AGM.  Tickets are issued once a year by the hamlet after the AGM and are valid for 1 year.  The Hamlet board will designate a time and place for pick up.  You can also contact a board member.

2.   Are pump out tickets transferable?

No. They are for the sole use of the property owner they are issued to. 

3.   Can I get money for my pump out tickets?

No. The tickets have no cash value. The value printed on the ticket is the amount the RM will reimburse the septic contractor for the service.  If a contractor charges more than the printed value, any excess will need to be paid by the property owner.


1.   What do I need a development permit for and where do I get one?

You need a development permit to do any major development on your property. This includes, building sheds, decks, and fences, as well as additions to or new cottage construction.  A development permit is also required if you plan to move in a home garage or shed.  Permits can be obtained from the RM office in Turtleford.

2.   How do I get my street plowed in the winter?

The hamlet arranges for to plowing of Bodnar and Marsh roads as needed. It will also plow those streets that have a permanent resident or consistent traffic over the winter.  If you would like yours plowed, please contact a board member.

3.   Is there garbage collection / where do I take my garbage, recycle?

No, there is no garbage collection in the Hamlet.  The municipal transfer station is located at the south end of the lake.  It is open on Wednesday, and Sunday year-round and on Saturday during the summer.  Please check The RM website for exact times.